Nillenposse forever!! The Nillenposse Network. From Heroes. For Heroes.

God, is this site lame... How about putting all artifacts of ideas, that have been created during the last years of nillenposse, here? There has been a lot of progress on "Nillenposse'sche Theorie zur Massenzeit" and of course the world famous "Nillenposse'sche KLS-Erweiterung der deutschen Sprache". So much for science. Entertainment should also not come to short. James Bong has won many Oscars, german Grimme-Preis and several prices in Cannes, France. It is now the all-timefavorite Blockbuster movie, and everyone likes to remember the scene, where Bong kills all his opponents while he's a'smokin. Actor Roln Watteliggn (playing the role of evil Dr. Ishmail Mock) stated: I have never done such a movie in my whole life before. It was a great experience to work with pornstar and nillenmaster on this masterpiece"The new sports disciplines "Newpaper-Sword fighting" (choreography or just brutal killing) or "Nintendo-Boxing" have advanced to a status they could become olympic discipline within the next two years. Psychologists all over the world successfully use these disciplines in their anti-aggression groups. The crime rate in the world has since then been reduced by 50%.

A call goes out to all members of nillenposse to hand in papers or other media being witness of our creativity in senseless art, science and sports.
We are proud to present our new and unique Super Nillenposse Super Podcast and Super Nillenposse Super RSS Feed. Wooow! This is so amazing! I really want to listen to the podcast right now and read all the amazing news! And you?